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Training Services

In order to remain competitive, it is essential for companies to effectively train employees.  Training gives your company an increased return on your most important asset-your people.

We provide a variety of training programs including: team building, harassment prevention, coaching and counseling, and conducting effective performance evaluations.

Customer Service & Sales Development
Enhance basic skills for servicing and selling in a professional and effective manner.

Effective Telephone Communication
Develop the skills necessary to create a professional impression and better meet your customer's needs.

Referral Training
Assist employees in developing the skills necessary to effectively make referrals for products and services.  Employees will learn the importance of making referrals in today's competitive environment.

Advanced Selling Skills
Develop the skills necessary to retain and increase customer relationships.

Supervisory Skills
Develop the skills to more effectively communicate, delegate, motivate, coach/counsel, conduct performance evaluations, listen, and problem solve.

Leadership Profile
Discover how individuals want to lead, the type of leader you want to follow and the leadership needed by your organization to meet its challenges.

Personal Behavior Style Profile
Discover your employee's behavioral strengths and how to increase personal effectiveness, improve communication, strengthen your team and improve customer relations.

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