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Consulting Services

Supervisory ~ Management Guidance
We can serve as a resource to your management personnel, assisting them with day-to-day issues regarding employees.  We will be available by phone and in person to respond to issues regarding disciplinary procedures, hiring or termination issues, wage and hour questions and concerns, and any other situation that may arise regarding the employment relationship.

Employee Relations
We can serve as a resource to your employees for various employee relations issues.   When employees have concerns or issues they would like to discuss with someone other than management, we will be available to them by phone or in person.  In many cases, having an outside person to talk with provides management with the opportunity to resolve issues before an employee calls their attorney or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Human Resource Audit
We can review the overall HR process to ensure compliance with various regulations.   This will include personnel files, application forms, selection process, leave programs, exit interviews, orientation programs, and employee policies and procedures.

Employee Handbook
We can review and update your current Employee Handbook.  We will recommend various changes for your consideration to maintain compliance with the numerous human resource laws and regulations.

Performance Evaluations
We can implement and monitor the processing and completion of employee performance reviews.  This will help to ensure timely evaluations by the supervisors and to ensure the reviews are written in a legal manner.

Orientation Program
Retention of employees is a major concern in many companies.  The process and groundwork for retaining employees begins with the orientation program and train the appropriate personnel to complete the process. 

Interviewing ~ Screening 
We can provide interviewing services and complete the initial screening of candidates for various positions.  We then recommend the top three or four candidates to meet with management.

Affirmative Action Plan
We can provide affirmative action planning and establish the necessary tracking programs to comply with regulations. 

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