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Referral Training

This referral program is designed to provide tellers with the skills necessary to effectively make referrals for the organization.  Workbook exercises and class participation allows the teller an opportunity to practice those skills.  This course is a step-by-step process that assists the teller in understanding how to do a referral.  Additionally, the employee will learn the importance referral making plays in today's business environment.

Chapter I

  • Team work

Chapter II

  • Create Awareness by:

Proactive Service
Recognizing Needs

Chapter III

  • Create Interest by:

Stating Features and Benefits
Making Recommendations
Handling Objections

Chapter IV

  • Refer

Direct and Introduce
Thanking the Customer

Each participant is provided with a workbook for note taking and to keep for future reference.  The employees will also learn through group discussion, workbook exercises and role playing.

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