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Our History

HRM Outsourcing was created in response to the needs expressed by our current clients for Human Resource Management (HRM) services.

We have been providing consulting services since 1986 to all size companies (from organizations with only 6 to those with over 700,000 employees).   Many of our clients are large enough to know they need help with their HRM needs, but still too small to justify adding a skilled HR professional to their staff.

We have found from working with our clients that senior management no longer has the time or technical knowledge to respond to the day-to-day HR related inquiries and comments from employees and supervisors.  In addition, employee handbooks may need to be updated, the performance evaluation process may not be effective, and employee jobs may have become so fragmented that the overall job structure needs to be reviewed and realigned.

Through HRM Outsourcing, we have the human resource expertise to become your human resource department or provide the guidance and resources to a current staff member who is wearing the "HR Hat" among many other hats.

Let us show you how we can enhance your current HRM programs or help establish the HRM function in your company.



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