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Effective Telephone Communication

This telephone communication course is designed to provide the employee with the skills necessary to create a professional first impression for your organization.  Thus, positively affecting your bottom line.  This class is recommended for all personnel.  Following are components of the class:

  • Making a good first impression through your greeting.

  • Instructions on how to transfer a call competently and professionally.

  • How to correctly place a caller on hold.

  • Taking messages accurately and maximizing sales opportunities.

  • Handling the difficult or angry caller.

  • The appropriate method for professionally making a call to a customer.

  • Ending every call on a positive note.

Each participant is provided with a workbook for note taking and to keep for future reference.  The employees will also learn through group discussion, workbook exercises and role playing.

In addition to the class training, a telephone mystery shop is conducted by the consultant prior to our visit.  This shop is conducted on your organization as well as your top competitors.

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